Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Why AMA Opposes Chiropractors

Is It Greed That Pits Doctors Against Chiropractors?

Texas lawmakers filed a pair of bills Thursday and Friday that would enable chiropractors to make limited diagnoses on patients. This comes at a time when the American Medical Association and state medical associations across the nation are making the argument that chiropractors are not qualified to make a medical diagnosis. The AMA says that chiropractors have crossed the line into realm of practicing medicine. This raises what is a century old argument, are chiropractors medical practioners or not. Are they qualified to make a medical diagnosis? Is so why? If not why not?

Dr. JC Smith is a leading chiropractor and author of the book, The Medical War Against Chiropractors. He says yes chiropractors are qualified to make medical diagnoses. He says that without a doubt the only reason the AMA opposes chiropractors is because of greed. Dr. Smith states that chiropractors come up with alternative treatments that are more affordable for patients than procedures that doctors recommend. It is only fear of losing money that has the AMA opposing chiropractors. Dr. Smith goes further and says the AMA puts money over the well being of patients.

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