Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Child abuse in 1950s


The nightmare of child abuse told firsthand 
New memoir lifts the veil on typical 1950's suburban nuclear family
Boston– Growing up in what appeared to be a fairly typical 1950's suburban nuclear family, author tells her own story of her heartbreaking and emotionally deprived upbringing in new memoir, Time After Time.
Time After Time is the story of author Susan Anderson's childhood raised by an abusive, yet competent mother inside an otherwise typical household of that time and place. Anderson uses the story of her childhood as an in-depth case study to clearly illustrate the difficulties of defining an emotionally deprived and abusive home.
With a doctorate in instructional leadership from the University of Massachusetts, Anderson speaks with compassion and candor about the silent epidemic of child abuse, emotional deprivation and the ripple effect it had on every member of the family.
Time After Time will create a dialogue in which family members, caregivers, school personnel, friends and neighbors can discuss alternative ways to intervene when there are suspicions of a child being emotionally abused and deprived within their own home.
"Love is easier to deal with: warm, flowing, renewing," Anderson said.  "Even the most astute, well-balanced adults have a hard time dealing with rage.  Some adults are so blinded by rage so much of the time that they try to get rid of it by harming a child: sexually, emotionally, physically.  That's one of the ongoing tragedies in our society today."
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Time After Time
By Susan D. Anderson
ISBN: 978-1-4817-0607-0
Paperback: $19.95

About the author
Susan D. Anderson earned her doctorate in instructional leadership at the University of Massachusetts in 1980 and had a distinguished career in early childhood education and teacher education.  After a second career as a writer and manager in educational corporations, Anderson retired in order to write full time.  An accumulation of her signature "essays for the soul" can be found on her website, www.sunderlassieexpress.com.  Susan lives in the Connecticut River valley of western Massachusetts, where she is content to write, cook, garden and take photographs of her flowers.  Time After Time is her first book.



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