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Defeating breast cancer

Author takes unconventional path to defeat breast cancer
New book explores preventative, holistic options for allowing the body to heal itself
HOUSTON – When Venus DeMarco was diagnosed with breast cancer, she sought help from conventional means: doctors and specialists. But after weighing her options, DeMarco realized that she didn't have to go through surgery, chemotherapy or radiation: the only thing she had to do was change her lifestyle.

In her memoir, The Healing Journey of my Bodacious Ta Ta's: Healed by Grace and on a Budget, DeMarco writes about using alternative methods to treat breast cancer. Instead of undergoing surgery, Demarco began a journey of physical and spiritual healing. The book follows DeMarco's journey through breast cancer treatment – from the time she was diagnosed in April 2009 to the present.

"I wrote this book because when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I decided to do it God's way, the natural way," DeMarco said. "I really want to inspire people to take charge of their own health and to prevent disease and cancer and to stop waiting around for cures when one's body has the ability to heal itself."

DeMarco believes that conventional cancer treatment only cures symptoms, not the cause, which leaves an opportunity for the cancer to return. She stresses the importance of "not becoming your disease" and offers guidance on how to do this: exercise regularly, rest often and follow a primarily vegan, raw and alkaline diet. She also acknowledges the power of faith and spirituality, including reading scriptures and removing stress and negative thoughts.

"This book was written to tell of my journey of faith and healing. It was written to inspire people to not always believe what they hear about cancer and disease," DeMarco said. "My faith is that my message will take the fear out of people's hearts and minds when it comes to the Big C."

DeMarco's goal is to help people understand that prevention is the cure and that the body is made to heal itself. Rather than responding to cancer with fear, she encourages women to take their health in their own hands, using preventative means to let the body heal itself.

"I very much want my message, 'Let's prevent breast cancer and not wait around for a cure' to be heard," DeMarco said. "I want to make a difference in people's lives, to make them aware of other possibilities. I would like to be known as the 'Prevention Warrior.'"

For more information, visit www.venusdemarco.org.       

The Healing Journey of my Bodacious Ta Ta's: Healed by Grace and on a Budget
By Venus DeMarco
ISBN: 978-1-4772-7466-8
Paperback: $14.95
Hardcover: $24.95
Available at www.amazon.com.

About the author
Venus DeMarco is an esthetician and has been in the skincare industry for 33 years. She owns Venus DeMarco's Personalized Skincare Clinic. On April 10, 2009 she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Instead of undergoing chemotherapy, she decided to take the natural route and let her body heal itself. She can be booked for her motivational speech, "Is it the fear or the disease?" She currently resides in Austin.



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