Thursday, October 03, 2013

Fruit Bliss....Take your Bliss with You!

We live in a world full of processed foods and lots of sugary sweets. So, it is nice when you can find something that is both healthy and yummy that your kids will enjoy, especially if you haven't had to spend a lot of time preparing it.  I am excited to tell all of you about Fruit Bliss snacks.

The idea for Fruit Bliss was developed while the company's founder, Susan Leone, and her husband were taking trips to Turkey to visit relatives. During these trips she encountered re-hydrated fruit, a popular European snack food that is prepared by re-hydrating dehydrated fruit.  She felt this type of snack food might be popular back home in Brooklyn because it offered a simple, healthy, and sustaining snack not offered in the grocery aisle.  So, in 2011, Susan launched Fruit Bliss.

The process for making Fruit Bliss snacks is a simple one.  From Orchards in France, Turkey and Tunisia, fresh dates, figs, apricots and plums are picked while ripe.  They are then sun-dried for sweetness, steamed to make them moist and delicious, and then packaged.  There are no added preservatives or sugars.

You might notice that the fruit contained in Fruit Bliss snacks has a darker color than your typical dried fruits because their are no chemicals added to preserve coloring.  Everything is 100% natural. Fruit Bliss proudly offers products that are Non-GMO Project verified, as well as OU Kosher, vegan, and gluten-free certified.

Fruit Bliss has made it easy for you to enjoy their healthy snacks in your home or on the go.  Products can be purchased in individual, small, on-the-go packages (1.76 oz), or larger (6 oz) packages to be kept at home or in the office.  The larger packages have a resealable closure, so the fruit remains moist.

My own experience with Fruit Bliss's products has been great.  I have had the opportunity to try each product and I can't believe how moist they are.  The snacks taste just like the fruit.  They are so sweet that I had to look twice at the packaging to make sure there really is no sugar added.  I especially loved the plums and could have eaten a few bags of them.  I gave the apricots to my teenager who devoured them.  I was disappointed when we finally ran out.  

I really love the on-the-go bags.  They can be taken on a trip, to eat while shopping, or added to your kids' school lunches.  Fruit Bliss snacks are a wonderful addition to a salad, especially with fresh spinach and sliced almonds.  They are also great when combined with ice cream. 

One other great thing about Fruit Bliss is their website, where you can find more than just their products.  Their website also provides excellent insights on how to find bliss in your life.  We all could be doing something each day to bring a little more bliss into our lives, and a great way to start is by enjoying a bag of Fruit Bliss snacks.

*Fruit Bliss generously provided samples and images for this piece. This has in no way effected my opinion.*