Monday, May 03, 2021

Social media planning

 Social Media Plan

A well-built plan should include:

  • A clear list of goals and objectives
  • An audit of your existing social media presence
  • Competitive analysis
  • A basic social media content strategy outline
  • Building a social media calendar
  • Established methods for measurement and analysis

Social media planning
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Set Measurable Social Media Marketing Goals and Objectives

Some of you may have already determined your specific goals but others will need to brainstorm ideas. Talk them over with your colleagues and people who matter in your life. Your goal should reflect something that interests you. In fact, it should be something you are passionate about. Focus on one thing and o it well. It should allow you a means of making income, if only from having a successful social media presence. 

Here are some examples of goals from a brainstorming session for Fisher House Publishing:

Goal: Write travel stories, sell travel products, and host travel tours. 

Goal: Provide alternative short term lodging for people, highlighting the location and things to do and see nearby.

Goal: Promote emergency preparedness and provide information and products to support preparedness.

Goal: Use a group travel tour to promote weight loss and health among seniors by changing what and how they eat.

Goal: Develop and market online courses for small business owners. 

Goal: Write food articles and recipes and promote products.

Goal: Use Fisher House Publishing to create and publish online courses for corporate training.

Objectives should be written using the SMART formula.  SMART objectives are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based.

  • Establish social media followers to over 1000 people by September.
  • Drive conversions by offering free product to sign up followers.
  • Use weekly email to build connections with potential customers.
  • By this time next year establish an industry brand so that when business managers think "online course creation" they think "FisherHouse."

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