Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Most Efficient Workout Trends of 2021

With Brits being forced to ditch the gym and exercise remotely, the experts at GolfSupport.com sought to find out the most efficient workout trends of 2021.

To do so, they got exclusive insight from Elliot Hasoon, Founder of EH Coaching and host of The Simply Fit Podcast who analysed the top 10 trendiest workout types of 2021 and calculated how many calories a person can lose after just 30 minutes of working out.

Some of the highlights from the research include:

  • Just 30 minutes of indoor cycling can burn 350 calories
  • Calisthenics will help you develop lean muscle/muscular endurance, whilst Muay Thai is a great way to improve stamina, muscular endurance and coordination
  • Doing 30 minutes of either Muay Thai or kettlebell exercises will help burn 320 calories.
  • Dancing is a fun way to burn approximately 270 calories in 30 minutes
The research was sponsored by https://golfsupport.com/