Sunday, April 03, 2011

Spread protein across the day

Often breakfast is a hot drink and pastry; lunch is vegetable soup or a green salad with garlic bread.  Finally, at dinner we may have protein.  Rick Gallop, author of "The GI Diet," writes that protein is brain food and should be eaten early in the day, if not at every meal and snack.  Protein provides amino acids for neurotransmitters.

Protein is required to build and repair body tissue. It satisfies hunger better than carbohydrates or fats. Because it is harder to digest, it releases glucose more slowly and evens out sugar peaks.

One of the best proteins is beans. Nuts also are high in proteins. Choose low fat, lean meats, skinless chicken, seafood, and low fat dairy.  However, don't use artificially sweetened dairy (which Gallop recommends). I like Greek style natural yogurt with fruit and instead our sour cream. The potential harm to heart and other organs is too great. (See

Here is a day's food plan that incorporates protein.

Breakfast: Protein drink, with fruit and soy milk.
Snack: Raw almonds and fruit.
Lunch: Salad with garbanzo beans and vinegrette dressing.
Snack: Protein bar.
Dinner: Pesto chicken, frozen or fresh vegetables, quinoa, and fruit.