Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Bacon wrapped cheese banana peppers

Bacon-wrapped, cheese-filled banana peppers
by John Fisher

I had 9 banana peppers from the garden, cream cheese, basil, and bacon.  Combined and grilled in the BBQ, they made a delicious appetizer.


9-banana peppers, various, sizes, yellow and red
1 package of cream cheese
fresh basil, chopped
9 pieces of bacon
18 tooth picks


Soak the tooth picks in water for 15 minutes. Cut the banana peppers along one edge and discard the seeds. Mix cut fresh basil with the cream cheese. Fill the peppers with cream cheese. Wrap the peppers with bacon. Use tooth picks to attach the bacon.

Grill at medium heat on the BBQ for 15 minutes on one side. Then turn over for another ten minutes.  Watch carefully to keep from burning.

Nutrition facts (per pepper)

Carbs 4g 5%
Fat 30g 79%
Protein 14 g 16%

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Sunset in Wyoming

Photo by John Fisher