Monday, October 29, 2012

Catalogue of Science on Vaccine Safety

Sourcing scientific research and information about the safety of vaccines got a bit easier with the launch of a new Catalogue of Science containing nearly 200 research studies and other scientific documents never before assembled in one place.  Featuring 14 categories with links to abstracts and full text of studies published in peer-reviewed journals, the Catalogue makes it easy for parents and medical professionals alike to connect the dots and navigate the science exploring vaccines. The Catalogue debuted at, and is a cornerstone of the new website for the awarding-winning documentary film THE GREATER GOOD. 
Filmmakers Leslie Manookian, Kendall Nelson and Chris Pilaro spent over five years researching and making the film, which follows three families personally impacted by vaccination.  Manookian collected research sourced for the film and many additional scientific works to create the Catalogue, which will be updated on an ongoing basis as new information becomes available.

“When discussing the issue of vaccines, people often say ‘Show me the science’.  But as we learned while researching our documentary, the science can be difficult to find.  We’re committed to providing critical scientific research missing from the popular discourse on vaccines, and have brought together dozens of critical pieces on an array of topics to help people become better informed,” Manookian said.

The new website, launching just in time for Vaccine Awareness Week also includes a suite of tools for hosting community screenings and a discussion guide with tips for facilitating conversations on the often challenging topic of vaccine safety.  The film can be streamed online at the site, and visitors can buy a New Parent Gift Box, which includes a DVD of the film and other great gifts for expectant parents. Also available on the new website are fact sheets including an FAQ and a ‘Fact Check’ which provides links to sources for all the information in the film, for which the filmmakers interviewed experts from all sides of the issue. (A full list of experts is available at )

“We hope the film will inspire more rational discussions about vaccinations, and serve as a resource for parents, physicians, policy makers and others who want to participate intelligently in the heated national dialogue on vaccines and vaccine safety,” said Kendall Nelson, Producer/Writer of THE GREATER GOOD.

More information and a tour of the Catalogue of Science is available at and the film can also be found on Facebook at, and as @greatergoodfilm on Twitter.

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John Fisher said...

My granddaughter, who is in the 9th grade, came home with a pamphlet from school telling her that without the HPV vaccine her chances of getting Human Papilloma Virus were very great. Seventy percent of women get HPV in their lifetimes, says the brochure. Also, HPV is linked to cervical cancer.

Her parents gave her the choice as to whether she would have the vaccine or not. She said she wouldn't need the vaccine because she is not going to be sexually active.

Most websites online promote having the vaccine. Here is one that takes an opposite viewpoint.

The Great HPV Vaccine Hoax Exposed