Saturday, August 05, 2023

Murray First Ward

Stained Glass in Utah's Churches

Stained glass window depicts the Savior with outstretched hands.

Built in the popular Neo-Gothic style and completed in 1907, the Murray First Ward chapel stood proudly at 184 East Vine St. Its creation was made possible by contributions from members of the first ward, most notably Mary Jean Gardner Miller and Margaret Gardner Miller. These two individuals played a significant role in commissioning a magnificent stained glass window, portraying the Savior with outstretched hands. This window serves as a memorial to honor the Miller sisters' late husbands, James and Ruben, whose names are etched at the bottom of the glass.

Although the building was sold in 1970, the cherished stained glass was not lost. Instead, it found a new home in a newly constructed chapel nearby. Today, the window can only be viewed from the exterior of the building, where it is beautifully illuminated from behind during the night. Inside the chapel, a large pipe organ now covers the window.

A pipe organ covers the stained glass so it can't be seen from inside the chapel.

The stained glass can be backlit at night showing the stained glass from the exterior of the building.

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