Saturday, August 05, 2023

Lehi Fourth Ward

 Stained glass in Utah's churches

The focal point of the stained glass is a beehive.

Between 1912 and 1913, the original Lehi Fourth Ward building was erected. The congregation decided to commission a sizable stained glass window, which was initially installed at the rear of the chapel. This Gothic arched window prominently features a beehive at its center, surrounded by two vases of flowers. Elaborate vegetal patterns and lines embellish the top and bottom sections of the window, adding to its beauty.

Unfortunately, in 1985, the original meetinghouse was demolished. However, the cherished stained glass window was not lost, as it found a new home in a newly constructed building just a few blocks away. The relocation ensured that the window's intricate craftsmanship and significance remained preserved and appreciated by the community.


Originally the stained glass was at the back of the chapel. 

The original Lehi Fourth Ward was located at 880 North 700 East. The stained glass taken to a new building several blocks away where it is now located.

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