Monday, March 17, 2014

Unicity 90-day challenge

Monday, Feb. 24-My friend, Andre, invited me to a day long introduction to Unicity products at their headquarters in Orem, Utah.  Andre has lost 37 pounds in 30 days using Unicity products.  In addition to learning about the 90-day challenge, I had an opportunity to taste Balance, a fiber based drink that keeps glucose levels in balance with insulin and encourages fat burning.  Andre has had a coach from Unicity who helps keep him on track to reaching his goals. 

Wednesday, Feb. 26-I ordered a basic kit from Unicity that also includes coaching.  Added cleanse. 

Monday, March 3-Jay, my Unicity coach, called to introduce himself. 

Wednesday, March 5-Received my Unicity products.  The predicts were sent from Nevada. I had expected them to get to me earlier but found out that UPS couldn't find my address in my zip code. The postal service wouldn't have had that problem.

Thursday, March 6-First full day taking Unicity.  I took Balance then mixed LiFiber and Complete for breakfast. I found out later from my coach that I didn't need to double up on fiber so should only take the LiFiber and Complete for breakfast.  I had Balance and then a half hour later ate a large salad for lunch. Then had Balance and a Complete protein drink for dinner. 

Friday, March 7-I flew to Missouri today. I drank my protein drink and fiber before getting on the plane at 8:05 am. Then I drank Balance and my second protein drink after arriving at the Kansas City airport while waiting for my wife to pick me up.  She picked me up at 5 pm and we got on the road to travel to Dallas to visit with our daughter and her family. We waited until we got on the toll highway in Kansas before having balance and then stopping to eat a sandwich, a salad, and raw vegetables. Arrived In Dallas about 2 am.  

Sunday, March 16-I got up at 9 am and my vitamins.  Then showered and drank protein drink and fiber before going to church meetings.  During church I drank Matcha focus to keep me awake and focused. After church friends invited us for Irish dinner of corned beef and cabbage with new potatoes and asparagus. Fifteen minutes before dinner I drank Balance.  Rather than having seconds I felt satisfied and while I ate a hardy meal it was not too much.  Without Balance I would have had two helpings and left feeling uncomfortable. I avoided eating bread and said no to ice cream. In the afternoon I explained my 90-day challenge and shared some Matcha with our friends.  About 7 p.m. I had Balance and then a half an hour later drank a protein drink and took my vitamins.  Went to bed after watching tv at 10 pm. My weight going to bed was 209.5 lbs. 

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