Sunday, March 23, 2014

A bummer day

Wednesday I went from eating two protein drinks and one meal to two meals and one protein drink.  I had lost 15 pounds and weighed 208. Yesterday was a busy day and screwed up as far as My eating is concerned. I've been sneezing and sniffling from allergies. When I got up, I took at night time antihestimene with my arthritis medicine. After a protein drink with fiber, I walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes. I attended an academic conference. Before I had lunch at 10:30, I took Unicity Balance. So far so good. I was following the rules. My meal was 4 hours after my breakfast shake. I ate a good meal of turkey deli slices, Swiss cheese, tomatoes, and lettuce and tomato bisque. The bisque was probably out of a carton, not homemade. Then I took a friend to the airport.  I had to pull over because my head was spinning and I was tired. When I met my wife at a genealogy conference, I was hardly coherent. Before going into the conference I had a handful of mixed nuts. A no no, but they were there so atethem. I nodded off in the first class and in the second I revived myself by drinking water with Matcha. By the third class I was my normal self. We met. Up with a friend who was traveling to our hometown and had dinner at a buffet.  15 minutes Before dinner I had Unicity Balance. I know that I can't handle buffets, but each week I have one meal that I can eat normally.  I was doing all right - mostly low glycemic foods except for the breaded shrimp.  I was comfortable, I thought, so I ate one of my favorite foods - pecan pie. My wife drove home while I nursed my upset stomach and napped. I had eaten just one thing too much and it contained sugar and processed white flour. My stomach hurt. At home we watched a Mary Higgins Clark mystery on Hallmark channel. I had messed up my day.  The nuts and some dark chocolate were on the counter and so I had some. When I went to bed, I weighed myself. I weighed 211 pounds. I was upset at myself and discouraged.  All my effort and I weighed more that I did three days ago.  In t he morning I weighed myself again and I was down to 208.5 pounds. 

What did I learn? First don't take night time medicine in the morning and don't combine it with other medicine. Don't go to a buffer, no matter how good your intentions. And then keep forbidden foods out of sight and out of mind.  It is hard when living in the same house with someone who is not committed to the same stringent diet as I am, but  you have to say no.  The best way is to keep them hidden. Finally, I starved myself. My dinner was 7 hours later than my lunch.  

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