Wednesday, January 02, 2013


A gorgeous table begins with beautiful napkin folds.
Knowing how to execute a perfect napkin fold is not a skill everyone has, but it’s one you can easily and quickly teach yourself — with Denise’s help, of course! Napkin folds immediately bring a touch of elegance, whimsy or retro style to your table. And they take your table setting to the next level with no added expense — you’re just learning dozens of clever new ways to present the napkins you have.
The 100 folds are divided into easy, intermediate and advanced sections, so you’ll know which ones to start with and how to work your way up. Simpler is often better, and the most formal folds, in fact, tend to be relatively easy. And when you’re using napkins with an elaborate pattern or design, a simple fold may show it off best. The concealed wire-o hardcover format means the book lies flat when open, making following instructions a breeze.
Like a handwritten thank-you note, napkin folds might be less common than they once were, but they’re always noticed, always appreciated and always in style.
About the author: Denise ViValdo is a seasoned food professional who has catered more than 10,000 parties. she’s the founder of Food Fanatics, a recipe development, food styling and catering firm. she’s catered everything from the academy awards governor’s ball to Hollywood wrap parties.

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