Monday, December 31, 2012

30 Ways to Better Days:
How to Rally After You've Been Dumped
By Caird Urquhart


            Everyone has been there.  The heart ache and heart break of being dumped; the difficulty of getting out of bed each morning just wanting to stay in bed in fetal position crying; feeling helpless and alone; spending hours upon hours at the gym and not eating.

            Business and life coach Caird Urquhart shares a very personal self-help guide teaching women how to use that grief, become proactive and bounce back to reality with 30 Ways to Better Days: How to Rally After You've Been Dumped.

            Throughout the book, Caird shares the brutally honest truth of how to navigate through the gut-wrenching days of a breakup and apply little yet essential changes for daily growth.  The book is in essence a tool -- even a best friend -- to let go of the anger and become optimistic about life and the endless possibilities in the world.  It promises to raise self-esteem so one can overcome their fears and reach goals.

            Speaking to everyone who has ever gone through a break up where they think they'll never find someone again, 30 Ways to Better Days: How to Rally After You've Been Dumped covers such topics as:
  • Choosing to take control of the situation and not become a victim of it
  • How to change dating patterns to avoid heartbreak
  • Why grieving a breakup is important, and how to grieve
  • Embracing change and leading to a better life
  • Why befriending an old boyfriend can actually be a good thing
  • How a gay male friend is an invaluable friend to have

      Using the book as a tool to recover from her own heartbreak, Caird pours her heart and soul into this book, sharing her own personal experiences.

"It takes living through each season, each holiday, each 'What were we doing at this time last year?' to really clear your mind," says Caird.  "My book moves the reader out of feeling badly about their situation and into taking action to reclaim their lives."

About Caird Urquhart:
30 Ways to Better Days...How to Rally After You've Been Dumped is a self-help book aimed at women who have just gone through a relationship breakup. The chapters in the book are short and sweet and was written as an easy to read, no nonsense handbook with the intention of helping women of all ages lift their self-esteem and become empowered to move on.

With 18 years of experience in the film and television industry as a producer, casting director and actor, Caird became a personal and business coach.  After graduating from The Coaches Training Institute and being accredited by the International Coaches Federation, she founded New Road Coaching Inc. in October of 2005.

Since then, Newroad has been working with entrepreneurs, executives, athletes and entertainers to help them achieve the big picture possibilities of their lives.  Her hope as a coach is to be able to share the true magic of the entertainment industry; that dreams can become reality.

Caird lives in Toronto, Canada where she is the proud Aunt to ten nieces and nephews.  She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree with majors in Psychology and Physical Education from Wilfred Laurier University. And is a member of the Canadian Association of Family Enterprise, Canadian Association of Women Executive and Entrepreneurs, Company of Women, Women in Film and Television, The Economic Club and The Empire Club of Canada.

30 Ways to Better Days...How to Rally After You've Been Dumped is available now at:

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Robyn said...

This is a much needed book! Having been dumped a few times and still stinging from horrible memories, I can see how an instruction book can come in handy! I think women around the world will benefit from this book. Another book that has improved my life as a woman is called, "Quest for the Lost Name" by author George Makris. This a novel that is a romantic adventure wrapped into a mystery in which the main character must go through personal growth and transformation.