Thursday, September 29, 2022

How to get more social media followers

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 How to get more social media followers

By James Elder

  1. Real time marketing- Real time marketing is marketing or advertising on the fly. This is especially effective when you plan it out and use your social media to advertise during a large trending event like the Super Bowl or World Cup.
  2. Influencer marketing- Influencer marketing is when you have a social media influencer or online personality advertise your product or service to their audience to sway them into purchasing what you're selling. This can also be done with celebrities as well such as using a musician to sell audio equipment or software.
  3. Create a daily, weekly, or monthly series- This is where you create a series of videos or clips that are relevant to your product and get your audience in the habit of looking forward to what you post next and entices them to purchase your product.
  4. Run a contest or give away- It's show that social media accounts that hold some form of a contest or give away grow 70% faster than those that don't which increases your audience and makes your product appear to be even more appealing to the masses.
  5. Hosting an AMA- Hosting an AMA, or ask me anything, is a great way to interact with your followers and allows them to learn more about you, your company, and the product you're selling through a Q&A. This is especially effective when you already have an established audience or customer base and have had some experience.
  6. Video Content- Using videos, you can keep your potential customer's attention easier while advertising and giving information about your product. This is mostly effective with shorter videos or clips less than 30 seconds.
  7. Team up with another brand- Team up with another brand that isn't your competitor but may have a similar audience or customer base. These campaigns are a winning situation for both companies and can be used to advertise special promotions for both companies products and increase sales and profit.
  8. How tos and tutorials- If it works for the product you're selling, posting how tos and tutorials can be an effective way to gain customer interest by showing how your product is beneficial and useful and makes it more appealing.
  9. Run a social-exclusive deal- Running special sales or deals exclusive to followers on your social media is a good way to entice others to follow your page and gain a larger audience or potential customer base by enticing them with special deals or promotions on your product.
Plus one extra: Marketing with purpose- Marketing with a clear purpose beyond profit will increase a businesses chance of growth and success.

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