Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Why not vaccinate babies (Satire)

By Dr. John Fisher, PhD (I'm not a medical doctor.)
I'm one of those people that was hesitant to follow the CDC guide for vaccination of babies - 27 shots within the first 18 months after birth. But I've never been a believer in conspiracies. NOT UNTIL NOW. I put a search into Google using the words "why not vaccinate babies." Google lists only articles that support vaccination until on page three there is one article "24 reasons not to vaccinate your kid." This article mocks people who choose not to vaccinate children.  So then I went to DuckDuckGo to see if they would give me the other point of view. Although not exactly the same results, on page 1 all results were pro-vaccination. This just confirmed the possibility that there is a pro-vaccination conspiracy. If it is not the government or medical establishment, then it is the search engines. 
Here is an example from the article "24 reasons not to vaccinate your kid":
16. Vaccines contain toxic stuff. As a matter of fact, vaccines are mostly water and antigen, plus preservatives to keep them from going bad. Because you wouldn’t inject rotten stuff into your kids, would you? Those preservatives are similar to those in your packaged bread, soda, mayo, and mascara. Are you foregoing all those?
In fact, this statement supports my point. I don't eat packaged bread, or mayo or drink soda because of the preservatives that are in them. That would be a very good reason not to vaccinate your kids. Many people have chosen to go organic in foods. Why shouldn't vaccines also be organic?
One source you can go to for an alternative viewpoint is Dr. Robert W. Sears, M.D. He suggests a modified vaccination schedule for babies. His book The Vaccine Book: Making the Right Decision for your Child (2007) is available on Amazon (Links to an external site.).
The best recommendation anyone can get is from Wikipedia. (Afterall, its editors are known to edit out alternative viewpoints.) Here is the Wikipedia entry for Dr. Sears.
Robert William Sears, known as Dr. Bob, is an American pediatrician (Links to an external site.) from Capistrano Beach, California (Links to an external site.), noted for his unorthodox and dangerous[2] (Links to an external site.)[3] (Links to an external site.) views on childhood vaccination.[4] (Links to an external site.)[5] (Links to an external site.) His book, The Vaccine Book: Making the Right Decision for your Child (2007), proposes two alternative vaccination schedules (Links to an external site.) that depart from accepted medical recommendations. His proposals have enjoyed celebrity endorsement, but are not supported by medical evidence (Links to an external site.) and have contributed to dangerous under-vaccination in the national child population.[6] (Links to an external site.) While he denies being anti-vaccine,[7] (Links to an external site.) Sears is characterized as anti-vaccine[8] (Links to an external site.)[9] (Links to an external site.)[10] (Links to an external site.) and as a vaccine delayer.[11] (Links to an external site.)[12]

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