Thursday, April 16, 2020

5 Of The Best Core Exercises You Should Do Everyday

We could all use a stronger core. As a doctor of physical therapy many of the problems I treat are resolved with increased core strength.
These are the 5 exercises I recommend most often to people with weak cores and the results are pretty incredible! Try doing these everyday to get stronger and more healthy.
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A strong core is vital for overall fitness and pain-free movement. Check out these 5 core exercises everyone should be doing for improved posture, better stability, and less back pain. Not only will you tone your abs and slim your stomach, core exercises will also help you with day-to-day activities.
5 Core Exercises Everyone Should Be Doing

1. Planks 1:36
30 seconds x 2
1. Planks 

2. Bridges 2:48
10 reps X 2, up for 3 seconds and down


3. Side Plank 4:05
30 seconds on left side; 30 seconds on right side

Side planks

4. Bird Dogs 5:10
10 reps with left arm right foot; 10 reps with right arm left foot

Bird dogs

5. Side Line Hip Abduction 7:26
10 reps on one side; 10 reps on the other side
Side line hip abductions

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