Friday, January 06, 2017

Vegan Recipe Swaps for 'New Year, New You'

2017 could be the year "veganism" goes mainstream - already over 16 million people in the U.S. eat zero animal products and many more are adding non-dairy to their diets. According to a survey from Califia Farms and Berrycart, 56% of omnivores consume plant-powered alternative dairy beverages, like almond milk, several times a week, with nearly one in four (23%) consuming them every day.

According to a recent survey by the Nutrition Business Journal:
  • 13% of consumers associate vegan products with cleaner ingredients

  • 12% eat vegan for weight loss

  • 11% cite environmental responsibilities

  • 8%  embrace a vegan lifestyle because of social responsibility

For your 'New Year, New You' stories, consider vegan swap out recipes and a great place to start is brunch

  • High calorie, stodgy pancakes– RECIPE SWAP: Fluffy and light Almondmilk flap jacks  - Check out this recipe that uses Almondmilk to whip up stacks of delicious vegan pancakesVegan Brunch Swap Out Recipes:

  • Overly sweet and heavy Chocolate Chip Waffles - RECIPE SWAP: Chocolate Chip Waffles – Waffles are the ultimate comfort food, and this is a vegan recipe with a mocha twist, from Clean Food, Dirty City's recipe which includes Nitro Cold Brew Mocha.

  • Too Rich Puddings - RECIPE SWAP: Up your pudding game and have the brunch crowd leave happy and fulfilled with a turmeric spiced vanilla chai pudding desert from Shine Organic made with Vanilla Almondmilk.

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