Saturday, January 07, 2017

Book Honors Gone-But-Not-Forgotten Family Members

My Dad, My Dog: Love, Loss, Healing & Hope Collide, as Heartwarming Memoir Honors Memory of Author's Gone-But-Not-Forgotten Family Members.

Written from the heart and life of Sheila Hermel, 'My Dad, My Dog' is a truly profound and emotive memoir; a recollection of memories that encapsulates the beautiful impact and love afforded by Hermel's late father and dog. It's a unique personal story that transcends literature to compel readers to consider just how important their own loved ones are.

Sherman Oaks, CA – Sheila Hermel has a brave and empowering view on losing a loved one, in the belief that they never truly die. Hermel thinks about her late father and dog every single hour and, while they're no longer around in a physical sense, their love, influence and memories will never die.
In a wholly-unique and beautiful new memoir, Hermel remembers them both in what can only be described as a moving and uplifting recollection of memories. There really isn't anything else on the market quite like 'My Dad, My Dog'.

It's always difficult to accept that when someone you love dies, they're actually gone from your life forever. But in truth, once you really get used to their supposed absence, you come to find out that they're only really "gone" in the physical sense... That's how I feel about my dad and my dog. Although they're no longer in my sight, they live on, still, inside my heart. Both were beyond special, and mattered so much to me. Writing this story is just one way that I intend to keep their memory alive. The world gave me an amazing gift in the form of my dad...and he later gave me an amazing gift in the form of my dog... Come on in and let me introduce them.

"Everyone who met my dad and my dog were left with a positive and long-lasting impression," explains the author. "Their love knew no boundaries and, even though they're no longer with us in a physical sense, they're both always a topic of conversation and inspiration for those of us left behind. I see no better way to honor them than with a book."

Continuing, "But the story goes above and beyond their own lives, to encapsulate humanity at its deepest level. Love and loss are two of the Universe's most powerful forces that, ironically and unfortunately, lay at extreme opposite ends of a scale. Still, they're emotions we're all going to contend with, and my book provides a neutral exploring ground to unravel them. There's so much heart and soul in this book; it will appeal to anyone."

With the volume's demand expected to increase, interested readers are urged to secure their copies without delay.

'My Dad, My Dog', from J&S Publishing, is available now from Amazon.

About the Author:

Sheila Hermel has always enjoyed making creative use of the written word, be it poetry in her younger years, or letters, invitations, speeches, etc. for friends and family later on. She has also penned professional business letters and the like during her career in the legal industry. It is her sincere belief that the right words can encompass the very essence of one's being. A proud mother of three, Sheila lives in Southern California with her husband Jerry.

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