Tuesday, October 14, 2014


By Susan Feinbloom, LCSW

            Have you ever walked down the street and felt somebody’s eyes on you, and turned around to see them looking at you? This way of knowing somebody’s attention is on you is a spiritual ability. Have you ever known who was on the phone as it rang, before you picked up the receiver? This is the ability of telepathy.

           We are born a spirit inhabiting a body. All of our spiritual abilities are natural, our birthright. This includes clairvoyance – the ability to see spirit, to see energy – telepathy – the ability to hear spirit to spirit communication – and clairsentience – the ability to feel energy, to feel the emotions of another. All we need to do is remember we have these abilities and recall how to access their functions.

            Meditation is the pathway to open and develop your spiritual sensitivities. It is the time we go inward to explore deeper access to who we are, how we get beyond and beneath old patterns of thinking, beyond outdated beliefs. Meditation teaches us how to simply see or know something outside of our habitual thinking boundaries. Here we access deeper levels of truth.

            To meditate simply sit quietly, close your eyes to help you focus inwardly.  Breathe. Allow a connection from the base of your spine to the center of the planet, a grounding chord. This is your energy exit, your release of old wounding and outdated tensions. Connect your feet to nature. Imagine standing in a nourishing environment soaking up the nurturance of the place, and giving yourself a solid foundation. Now imagine the cosmic energy of pure spirit and guidance flowing into your crown. This will get you started into knowing and owning your own spiritual space.

            Lets look at some examples of everyday use of spiritual abilities.

            If we pay attention we will become aware of the difference between truth and lies.  Our energy field wobbles around a lie. Even the body tightens usually around the stomach or abdominal area. You can practice this. Close your eyes and tell yourself a simple obvious lie and tune into your internal reaction. What tightens? Our energy field does not know how to make sense of a lie, so the lie tends to persist and draw tension around itself. It becomes hard to let go of it. On the other hand, with eyes closed, tell yourself a simple truth. This typically effortless. The body does not react, we just move on. Imprint your responses, play with them, so you can use this information in everyday interactions.

            Another everyday way to access spiritual abilities is through the use of a gauge.  You can close your eyes and imagine a gauge from zero to one hundred percent. You can ask the gauge any question at all. Here are some examples:

            How present am I today?

            How honest am I being with myself about this situation?

Perhaps if you feel a generalized anxiety you might ask the gauge ‘How old am I right now?’ The age that comes up is a clue to the origins of the event that is being currently stimulated. These are various mechanisms we can use to access our intuitive way of knowing.

            Using both the ability of clairvoyance and telepathy you can imagine a spirit to spirit hello to someone you are about to meet. An example is a new potential boss who will interview you tomorrow for a job. Get to know the man or woman in advance. You may find a familiarity once you are in person together. An Olympic gymnast talked about how she visualized her routine every night before she went to bed. She won a gold medal.  Perhaps you are about to go on a blind date. Imagine yourself with your perspective date and see if you feel happy, energized, annoyed, or depleted. Feel your body’s immediate reaction, your body is a truth teller. Have fun exploring these spiritual abilities, the more you use them, the more accurate and useful they become.


            The chakras are the core element of the spiritual anatomy.  They’re the organs of the spiritual body. They bring in light from the universe, spin and distribute this light into the body. There are seven main chakras along the spine from the first at the sacrum to the seventh at the crown. Each one has a different focus.

            The second chakra is just below the belly button. It is our emotional and sexual center. It registers pleasure and pain. This chakra embodies the spiritual energy called clairsentience – the ability to know the emotions of another person. Sometimes without realizing it, in sympathy, we absorb the emotions of another. Perhaps we were having a fine day but then after encountering a friend who is experiencing anxiety, we walk away totally filled with anxiety. In this instance we have automatically matched and absorbed the energy of our friend. We can become conscious of this spiritual ability to minimize matching this energy. We can ask ourselves was my second chakra too open and vulnerable when encountering this friend? We can close it half way down and use the grounding cord. This will enable us to come out of matching our friend’s emotional state and release what has been absorbed. In this way we will still be able to see our friend without losing our own identity and space.

            The third chakra is located in our diaphragm area. This chakra is the center of our will and personal power. One way to access it is to sit quietly and take a look at a situation where you feel victimized and powerless. See if you can find any way to change that belief. Perhaps you were part of creating that situation.  This would enable you to view yourself as having choice  Examine more closely the choices you made that led to the events  Release defensiveness and replay the situation with new choices, find your power to align your choices to your goals  This will help you find the ability to change the situation and once again view yourself as powerful.

            The fourth chakra is your heart center.  Its foundation is self-love, love of others, compassion and forgiveness. Look at that gauge again. What percent does it say you love yourself?  Move it up five percent and sit feeding yourself the energy ‘I love myself’ over and over.  This helps you align the love you know as a spirit with the physical body and the thinking mind.

            I love me

            I love me

            I love me

            Enjoy playing around with these everyday spiritual exercises!

Susan Feinbloom is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and clairvoyant psychotherapist, and author of the new book Clairvoyant Psychotherapy, available at Amazon.com. See www.twilightpublications.com and www.susanfeinbloom.com.

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