Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Are there Natural Alternatives to Costly, Invasive Fertility Treatments?

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Nearly 20% of all couples will experience fertility issues. In many instances, couples who are struggling to conceive are quickly shuttled through a standard medical protocol for treating infertility, which typically includes extensive testing, prescription drug therapy and invasive procedures, all of which come at a tremendous financial, and often physical and emotional, cost to the couple.

However, more and more couples are carefully weighing the costs and benefits associated with conventional fertility treatments, and are exploring natural means of achieving pregnancy before resorting to these more aggressive and expensive measures. Fairhaven Health, a Bellingham, Washington based company, specializes in providing couples with precisely these types of natural alternatives. With a product range that includes fertility enhancing supplements, ovulation prediction devices, and home fertility tests for both women and men, Fairhaven Health has seen popularity of its product line increase as couples seek out more natural methods of promoting good reproductive health.

 “Since our company’s inception in 2003, we’ve seen awareness of these types of products increase exponentially,” says Ethan Lynette, Managing Partner at Fairhaven Health. “People are taking a more active role in managing their own health care these days, and we provide them with products to support that.”

Fairhaven Health’s line of fertility supplements is aimed at combating male and female fertility issues on several fronts. For women, improving hormone balance and cycle regularity is often the most important first step to improving fertility. FertilAid for Women, the most well known product in Fairhaven Health’s line of female fertility supplements, offers full prenatal vitamin support, along with a blend of herbs that promotes hormone balance. And, because egg quality declines with age and poor egg quality decreases the odds of conception, Fairhaven Health developed OvaBoost, a product containing a comprehensive blend of antioxidants to help protect egg cells from the damaging effects of toxins. Designed specifically for promoting egg quality and ovarian function. OvaBoost is recommended especially for women over the age of 30, and for those with Polycycstic Ovarian Syndrome.

For men, poor sperm health, characterized by low sperm count and/or low sperm motility, is the main cause of fertility issues. Fairhaven Health’s FertilAid for Men, which has been clinically demonstrated to improve the total number of motile sperm a man produces, contains key mineral, antioxidants, and amino acids to support healthy sperm production. For additional help in improving sperm count and motility, Fairhaven Health offers Count Boost and Motility Boost, which, when taken together with FertilAid for Men, provide a comprehensive, and cost-effective, approach to improving sperm health and overall male reproductive health.

Fairhaven Health’s dietary supplements are designed by a team of medical experts and are manufactured in the United States in GMP-certified facilities. To learn more about all of the available products for increasing your chances of achieving pregnancy naturally, or for samples, interviews, or additional information, please contact Nicki at press@chicblvd.com or visit Natural Fertility, Pregnancy, and Nursing Products - Fairhaven Health

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