Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Safe, rapid weight loss

Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen provides a blueprint for safe, rapid weight loss in his book Dr. A's Habits of Health.

He gives seven signs that suggest you maybe using carbohydrates to get energy rather than burning fat.

  • eating refined, processed foods and drinks 
  • trouble concentrating and staying focused 
  • skipping meals 
  • struggling with cravings and low blood sugar 
  • irritability if meals are missed or delayed 
  • difficulty staying asleep 

A large meal before bed keeps your body from burning fat and keeps you awake. By eating a small amount of food more often during the day, you lose weight and  control hunger. You  reduce blood insulin and lower total cholesterol levels as well as reducing LDL (bad) cholesterol.  Eating smaller meals more often depresses glucose levels and increase bile acid secretion to help in digestion.  You also reduce serum uric acid levels that may be a factor in coronary heart disease. You feel comfortable rather than having fluctuations in fullness.

Dr. A shows you how to exercise.  Exercise is important but exercise alone won't help you lose weight. The amount of work to burn off calories is enormous. For example, you'd have to run 33.8 pounds to burn just one pound.

He suggests you need to change the foods in your home. Eliminate certain foods in your refrigerator including dairy products and mayonnaise. Get rid of processed meats and bacon, sugary sodas and beer and wine. Don't eat high calorie foods with fat and sugar like peanut butter, jellies and salad dressings.

Instead of processed foods, use brown rice, canola or olive oil, natural, non-flavored oatmeal, whole grain, high-fiber breads, walnuts and beans. Add variety with spices and herbs. Keep track of what you eat in a journal.

Dr. A uses a low-glycemic, portion-controlled approach to support optimal health and reduce weight. Dr. Andersen recommends a color-coded shopping system. He uses a color code to help you choose acceptable carbohydrates, proper fats, and proteins. Increasing the amount of raw vegetables is a key to weight loss. Dark green foods are lowest glycemic and are the best foods for weight loss and optimal health. Red foods should be avoided.

He teaches how to sleep better and reduce toxins in the body and home. He also suggests the NEAT system which makes small motions a part of our regular life patterns. For example, simply moving from sitting to standing can substantially increase energy consumption.

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