Monday, January 14, 2013

Harness your energy: Enhance your health

Providing people with the tools needed to improve their well-being

CAMBRIDGE, England– How can a book bring together physics, meditation, martial arts and Reiki healing?

In their book Nourish the Flame Within, co-authors Lynette Avis and David Brown describe the core of what binds the universe together: energy.

'In Nourish the Flame Within, we discuss how energy is the root of all these things," said Avis. "We discuss how people can harness the power of energy to create healthier, more balanced and meaningful lives for themselves."

Nourish the Flame Within is a guidebook that explains the benefits of understanding energy and how doing so can lead to a healthier and enlightened life. It is designed to help people understand the relationship they have with energy, how energy impacts their lives and how they impact energy while focusing on themes and ideas such as:

  • The meaning of life.
  • How energy connects the universe.
  • The benefits of meditation, martial arts and Reiki healing.
  • How people can achieve goals and reach their true potential.

"Nourish the Flame Within is designed to help anyone interested in improving their health and well–being," said Brown. "It will benefit anyone on the journey of self-discovery."

Nourish the Flame Within
By Lynette Avis and David Brown
Paperback, $51.87: ISBN: 978-1-4772-1913-3
E-book, $3.99: ISBN: 9781- 4772- 3000-8

Available at,,

About the authors:

Author Lynette Avis is a Reiki master teacher and spiritual coach who assists people in understanding energy and how it can be used to live a healthier life. Through her writing, Avis aims to help people appreciate the role energy can play in life.

Author David Brown is a life coach looking to help people realize their physical, mental and spiritual potential. Through this book and his own ideas and concepts, Brown hopes to bring together science, martial arts and self-development.

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