Monday, January 30, 2012

Create a total health plan

On Dr. Wayne Andersen's website is a health quiz. I took the quiz and got the following results:80–89 = Health Status: Healthy.

Here is what healthy means: Congratulations! You have a number of positive habits that have helped keep you free from disease and within the healthy range. But don’t get too comfortable—without constant vigilance and improvement, it’s all too easy to slip. Working to make even better choices can put you firmly on the path toward the best possible health you can achieve.

I'm going to take the quiz again in 3 months when I have lost 30 pounds. I'm not on a diet, but I have changed my lifestyle and am following Dr. Andersen's advice to follow a low-glycemic, portion-controlled approach to eating.

The statistics about dieting programs in the United States are pathetic: 85% of the participants will put the weight back on in less than two years. Dr. Andersen has authored Dr. A's Habits of Health which describes an optimal health plan, not only focusing on weight loss, but also establishing a lifelong pattern that will maintain healthy weight and eating.

Dr. Andersen recommends a color-coded shopping system. Dark green foods are lowest glycemic and are the best foods for weight loss and optimal health. Red foods should be avoided.

He teaches how to sleep better and reduce toxins in the body and home. He also suggests the NEAT system which makes small motions a part of our regular life patterns. For example, simply moving from sitting to standing can substantially increase energy consumption.

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