Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Camino Royale: Pilgrimage veteran releases ultimate guide

New guidebook helps prepare inexperienced long-distance walkers

CAVAN, Ontario – As many as 60,000 people, attempt the Camino de Santiago each month, according to the Pilgrim Office in Santiago. But the rest of us are perplexed: What is it about the historical pilgrimage that attracts people to make such a long journey on foot?

Beverley Robson completed two Camino's, one in Spain and one in Portugal, in her early 60s. Staying physically fit is not a new hobby for Robson; as a runner and long-distance cyclist, she completed two mini-triathlons in her mid-50s.

In her new book, Planning Your Camino: Preparing "The Way,'" Robson gives suggestions and tips from an experienced long-distance walker to those who are interested in the pilgrimage.  From addressing safety to treating blisters, Planning Your Camino is a comprehensive guidebook that aims to prevent any difficulties someone may have on their trip.

"During two long-distance walking vacations, I had heard so many people say 'I wish I had known about this or that before I set out,'" says Robson.  "Similar information can be found on the Internet if you have the time and energy to search it out, but having these ideas all in one place when you need them is a great time saver."

Planning Your Camino: Preparing "The Way"
By Beverley A. Robson
Published by AuthorHouse
Soft cover 6 x 9"
ISBN: 978-1-4567-3320-4
Retail price: $18.00
Purchase the book at or

About the author
Beverley A. Robson is a retired management trainer who lives with her husband and 4 Labrador retrievers in Cavan, Ontario. For the last 30 years of her life, she has been a runner, long-distance cyclist, and weight trains regularly.

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