Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Be Bedbug Smart This Summer

It's that time of year again, no not Summer, Bedbug season. Are you ready for it? How well do you know these crawly critters?

Take the Logic Product Group Bedbug Myth or Fact quiz to see how well you would do against a bedbug infestations.

And for those who totally have their bedbug knowledge down pat, there will prizes for you!

Also, remember to pack BedbugLogic for you Summer travels with the convenient 2oz size.

How many people in US have had or know someone who has had bedbugs?
 1 in 5                1 in 25            1 in 50                1 in 100

Bedbugs are attracted to:
Dirty places               Warm-blooded mammals          Moldy surfaces

A house infested with bedbugs will smell like:
 Sweet Raspberries              Pine Needles                        Metallic

The recent increase in bedbugs is mostly due to
Pesticide resistance           Increase in global travel           The recession

Everyone has a reaction of some sort to a bedbug bite
Myth                                                                        Fact

You cannot see bedbugs
Myth                                                                        Fact

About Logic Product Group
The Clean, Green, Non-toxic Way To Help Prevent and Treat Bedbugs, Lice, and other Pests. All of Logic Product Group's products are formulated in an eco-friendly laboratory under strict FDA guidelines. Conceived by two parents trying to keep the planet a safe place for their children to grow up on, all products are biodegradable, non-toxic and are not tested on animals.

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