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Do's-and-don'ts in Kosovo

Do you know the culture of Kosovo? These practical do's-and-don'ts were provided by the Dutch Ambassador for people wanting to do business in Kosovo. He suggested the following commercial etiquette when in Kosovo. 

In Kosovo many people speak English. However, if one of your business partners speaks limited English, it is wise to hire a good interpreter. Find out which language your business partners speak, because Kosovo has two official languages Albanian and Serbian. 

 It is a good idea to print one side of your business cards in English and the other side in the language of the people you are doing business with. This can be, for example, Albanian, Serbian, Bosnian or Turkish.

Family relations are very important in Kosovo. Show respect for this and know that many business contacts are made through these informal networks. 

Kosovars are hospitable and can invite their business partners for lunch, dinner or receptions. Accept these invitations whenever possible. Also accept offers of coffee, tea or other drinks. Here you have to respect your hosts by drinking what they drink. (Most people don't drink alcohol.)

During an acquaintance, Kosovars spend quite a lot of time in light-hearted conversations, before business is discussed. So don't get straight to the point. For example, first ask about the welfare of the host's family. Informal conversations are part of building a business relationship. Avoid political topics.  

Kosovar business partners do not necessarily expect a gift. It is therefore better not to give a business gift, unless a good relationship has already been established. A personalized gift often works better than an expensive gift. 

Source: Netherlands Government Agency for Enterprise. 24 July 2019. Do's-and-don'ts in Kosovo.


Prizren - Oldest and most beautiful city in Kosovo - JohnFisher Photo

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