Monday, January 18, 2021

Royal by Danielle Steel

 Royal is a story of a young woman, Anna, orphaned as a child, raised by a surrogate mother, who discovers her true identity only at the death of the woman who kidnaps her.  At that point Anna's life changes to one of a young girl's fantasy. She learns her true identity is a princess. Soon she is accepted into the royal household. No controversy. No questions. She has a fairy tale romance, which appears to end as she pursues her one great goal - to become the first woman jockey.

The beginning of the book shows promise. The author weaves an intriguing story of jealousy, unbridled young love, and tragedy. Midway the tenor of story changes and it becomes the story of a young girl's fantasy as she becomes a princess. It's worthy of a Hallmark romance, but as a real-life account lacks authenticity. 

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