Thursday, October 20, 2016

My Zennoa Core Care Story

Warmer feet, less pain in my feet, and greater energy

By John Fisher

I had been using Zennoa's Core Care for about two weeks, when something remarkable happened.

When I started to use the product, I stopped taking my regular vitamin package which contains its own omegas. I took the Core Care capsules faithfully - three a day, morning, noon, and night with my meals.

Before I started, I made a list of what I hoped the Core Care would do for me. I hoped to see the brown spots on my face diminish. I wanted more energy and greater focus. I hoped to see less pain in my knee and hands which have arthritis. I have pain and numbness in my feet and wanted to see that reduced. And finally I was hoping to see my fingernails harden and not split or break off as they seem to do.

I have seen some dramatic changes in these areas, but the most significant change was in one thing that I hadn't listed. I have for a half a dozen years or more had cold feet, even in the summer time. At night I wore socks to bed. After two weeks of taking the Core Care Omegas, I realized my feet were no longer cold and that I didn't have to wear socks to bed. I can only assume that my heart is working better and my circulation has improved. A side effect would be reduced pain in my feet and after a month my pain was almost gone. I can walk with comfort. I also believe I have greater energy and get less tired during the day.

The change to my feet temperature was dramatic and it was surprising.  I didn't expect this result. My wife also likes the fact that I no longer have cold feet. 

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