Saturday, March 14, 2015

Day 11 - Hip replacement

It has been 11 days since my hip replacement.  The recovery progress has been a lot quicker than I supposed, particularly since starting physical therapy and exercises.

Last night I slept longer than I have since the operation.  I slept straight from 2 to 6 a.m. and then got more sleep after taking my meds at 6 a.m. Last night I was dozing off while I watched the news and a movie.  While the pain prevents good sleep, the meds seem to keep me from staying too awake.  I nod off quite frequently.

I was able to save a med in the last day by extending the time for taking meds from four two six hours. For example, I delayed taking my 10 a.m. med until noon.  I didn't seem to have too much more pain.  

This morning when I woke up I cooked eggs for my breakfast.  It is the first time I have cooked since my operation.  I supported myself on the kitchen counter while cooking and cleaning up.

Fortunately, the guest bedroom at my son's house is on the main floor, next to the kitchen/dining area. A bathroom with a walkin shower adjoins the hall leading to the bedroom. I use my walker for support when using the toilet and shower.

I was able to undress and dress and take my shower today without help. Except that I still needed my son to put on my socks. I'm now able to raise my "bionic" leg off the floor about a foot and so can put on my boxer shorts and leisure pants.  I wear leisure clothes (or exercise clothes) that are loose fitting and I can wear in public.

My feet are dry and cracking so my son rubbed them with lotion.  He also helped me with one exercise where I put an elastic cloth around my toe and then stretch.  I couldn't quite get the eleastic around my toe.  I could get an elastic cloth around my knees. I have six exercises from the physical therapist that take about 20 minutes. Then I elevate my legs and ice my wound.  I listened to an audible tape for variety today.

Although I'm getting more flexible, I'm still very stiff and my wound hurts. It stings almost constantly, even when I elevate it. 

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