Monday, November 24, 2014

Young woman puts art skills to work to raise money for surgery

The high cost of surgery has one young woman working her creative juices to pay the bills.

Annelise Woodward will be having surgery December 1st and has been looking for innovative ways to pay her share of the surgery which will be amost $10,000. She is making and selling holiday greeting cards, which she hopes will raise about $1000. In addition, she has been putting her skills as a professional photographer to work to raise additional funds.

Friends and family have also been helping her out. An Internet friend Mandee held an online auction of handmade jewelry and art and crafts and was able to donate close to $600 for the surgery.  Mandee uses Instagram and Etsy to market her work under the name of cloudninedesignz.

Boyd and Annelise
Annelise's sister, Heather, set up an online fundraising page with the goal of raising $2000. To date people have contributed $1060.

Heather writes: "A few years ago Annelise and Boyd discovered they weren't able to conceive and/or maintain a pregnancy. This has been an extremely trying and harrowing experience for them both."

"After many tests," she continues, "fertility specialists have been able to discover that part of the problem is within Annelise's uterus. In order that she may be able to have a successful pregnancy she requires an operation, which has finally been booked for December 1st, this year."

"Although Annelise and Boyd have been working hard to save the money to pay down the deductible," she explains, "this is still an enormous financial burden -- especially for them both being recent graduates with the expense of student loans."

Annelise graduated from Boise State University in December 2013 and Boyd recently graduated with an accounting degree this summer. Boyd is taking the CPA exams and working part-time for Olive Gardens Restaurant.

Annelise got the idea for the greeting cards from an experience she had last February. "I did something special for my husband for Valentines. I made 14 cards."

"Each day from the 1st to the 14th I gave him a different card," she said. "I personalized them with things I love about him as well as things that are special to both of us. I then placed them in a different spot each day, for him to find before leaving for work. With each card I left a small gift or suggested a fun activity for us to do that evening. It made for a very enjoyable February."

"I did something similar for the holiday greeting cards," she said. "I designed the cards with the thought in mind that they could each be given to a different person or to one specific person for 12 days during the holiday season."

"My hope as I made these cards was that it would provide others a way of do the same thing for someone they love and in turn help me in my efforts to pay for some of my surgery."

With each pack of cards she is supplying a list of gifts and activity ideas that can be given with the cards.

While the many of the cards can be used for any religious celebration, others have a Christmas theme. Inside the cards are left blank so a person can write his or her own message. Each pack contains 12 different handmade cards and sells for $30 plus shipping of $5.50.

The cards can be ordered by contacting Annelise at her photography website at Add to her fundraising page by clicking here.

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