Thursday, November 28, 2013


Tutem Masks launches line of chic personal masks

Designer masks
(MINNEAPOLIS) - Tutem Masks brings a novel but needed concept to America: design-savvy, individually wrapped single-use masks that help prevent the spread of germs that cause colds and flu. Smart and chic, the patented comfort mask comes in 10 stylish prints to keep travelers, commuters, co-workers, families and the rest of us from getting sick this cold & flu season. There are an estimated 1 billion cases of the common cold in the US per year.

Struck by the need—and a fellow passenger's sneeze—on a crowded flight, founder Jody Vitelli saw an opportunity. Tutem aligns perfectly with increasing trends in wellness, public germ prevention, and the elevation of daily essentials via good design.  

"I was determined to develop a fun, tasteful mask that people would feel good about wearing," says Ms. Vitelli. "These masks are conversational, thoughtful and a very necessary accessory that will help keep us all a bithealthier."

Created to be cool and comfortable in every way possible, Tutem custom prints are fun and its patented breathing chamber makes long wear easier. It won't ruin lipstick or gloss, or muss hair. The latex-free masks are sold two per pack, each individually wrapped with an all-natural CleanWell sanitizing wipe.

Tutem 2-Packs are $8 (10-Packs are $30) and can be purchased online at

Inspired by the Latin word Tutis, meaning "for our safety,"Tutem has arrived to help Americans spread love, not germs.
About Tutem Masks
Tutem Masks is a collection of smart and chic single-use personal masks designed to help prevent the spread of germs that cause colds and flu. Made in the USA, Tutemempowers the socially responsible individual with a convenient, highly wearable mask. Wear while traveling, at work or anywhere germs can be spread. For more information visit, log on to the Tutem Masks Facebook page, and follow them on Twitter@TutemMasks.

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