Tuesday, November 05, 2013

The Tale of Brave Ritchie

Review by Angelene Heileson

In a world where bullying is more common and where bravery in school is needed, Shan Laks the author of The Tales of Ritchie the Rat addresses many of these issues affecting children today.  She discusses the issues of stranger danger and bullying and obesity in her newest tale The Tale of Brave Ritchie

The Tale of Brave Ritchie is made up of three different stories where Ritchie needs to be brave and show courage and wits while being in different situations.  While exploring the forest and looking for friends Ritchie encounters three dangerous animals with the lesson learned about talking to strangers.  Ritchie then in his next tale encounters the big bully rat, Cheet.  Ritchie learns to be kind even to the meanest of classmates.  Lastly, Ritchie and his friends participate in a football game where they all learn about having fun, playing well and becoming healthy.

Author Shan Laks writes a great tale which all kids will love and understand.  These Tales are written in a simple way that children of all ages can enjoy.  I read these tales to my 5 year old son.  He loved the stories as well as the beautiful drawings.  The illustrations are simple but done with bright colors that make it fun for kids who can't read to enjoy looking at.  I felt that Shan Lake really addressed many issues that our children face but also that we as parents should be discussing with our children.  These tales allow us as parents and providers of our children to allow for great discussions on these issues.  If as a parent you wonder how to discuss issues with your children, I would then encourage you to look into Shan Laks' Tales of Ritchie the Rat.

Shan Laks was born in Fiji and now a citizen of Australia where she resides.  She is a retired primary school teacher.  During her teaching years she was awarded, Teacher  Excellence level 1 and level 11.  As a teacher, she made an outstanding contribution to education.  She as a Curriculum Coordinator and mentor  to new students and teachers.  She was on the board of education with the University of Northern Territory.  She is now a full time children's writer that dedicates her times researching issues that effect our children.  Laks has always been very passionate in teaching children.  She says "My goal is to connect teachers, parents and children in their communities and get them to address ways to keep our children safe and healthy."

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