Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Where do the Animals Go When it Rains?

By Angelene Heileson

Where do animals go when it rains? Author Janet Crown and co-authors Henry, Jack and Sloan Peterson (her children) answer this question in a delightful children's book.  With fun, vibrant art work by Daron Rosenberg, children's imaginations are opened up to discover where to animals really go when it rains.  Where Do Animals go When it Rains? is the first book in a series of four children's books.

Janet Crown is the youngest of seven children and herself now has five children.  From her experiences growing up, trying to get her parents attention, she vowed to always allow her children special one on one time with her.  She did this at night time with each of her kids.  Before bed Janet and her children would make up imaginative and creative stories that usually involved animals.  These stories and rhymes that she and her children came up with has now resulted in the book Where do the Animals go when it Rains?

Janet Crown says, "The book was created with my kids as a bedtime story based on their curiosities about animals what happens to them during certain weather conditions.  I wanted the illustrations to be comforting, fun, engaging while inviting questions and thought."

I read this to my younger children and I really enjoyed how simple the idea of the story was but how it also got them thinking and wondering where do animals go when it rains?  We really loved the simple but bright and elegant pictures.   After I read it, my 2-year-old enjoyed just looking at the pictures again by herself.  The font through out the book is in different sizes and colors which helps add visual variety to the book.  The rhyming in the story is cute and easy enough for all kids to follow.

I am a believer in reading to my children and really enjoy stories that captivate them but also get them thinking. Janet is donating profits from the sale of this book to a charity. I really love how all proceeds go to benefit other children and their families.  I encourage anyone who wants to spend time with a child reading to pick up a copy of this book.  Not only will it strengthen you and your child but will also help another child in need.  

About Janet Crown

Janet has been a life-long philanthropist who has always believed that anyone can give back at any age.  Janet is involved in several leading non-profit organizations.  She has all profits of Where Do Animals Go When it Rains? to The Painted Turtle where she is a founding member.  The Painted Turtle is a a camp where children with chronic or life threatening medical conditions can attend free of charge for them and their families.

Janet also is a member of the board of Directors for The Every Child Foundation; a member of the ISE advisory Board of the Rand Corporation; a member of the Board of Directors of the U.S. Committee for UNICEF; a Board Member of the Lollipop Theater Network.  Janet is currently the President of the Brentwood Chamber of Commerce in Brentwood, California.  Janet Crown is also the founder and owner of Brentwood, California's Burn 60, the west sides premiere boutique fitness studio.

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