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Hanky Panky and Monistat Team Up to Help Women Feel Like Their Sexy Selves and to Giveaway Free Panties

Enter for a Chance to Win Hanky Panky panties
MONISTAT® Announces Partnership with Hanky Panky
Noted Brands Team Up to Help Women Feel Like Their Sexy Selves

TREVOSE, PA (July 15, 2013)MONISTAT®, the #1 doctor-recommended over-the-counter vaginal yeast infection treatment, announced it has partnered with Hanky Panky, the leading name in premium underwear and lingerie. The partnership underscores each brand’s commitment to helping women feel like their sexy selves all year long.

To kick off the partnership, MONISTAT® is offering women the chance to win Hanky Panky panties through the Sexy Self Panty Giveaway. Now through November 30, a daily winner will be selected from entries on www.Monistat.com. To Enter the Sexy Self Panty Giveaway use Promotion code: HANKY

“Though the MONISTAT® and Hanky Panky brands are seemingly different, both are rooted in the notion that women deserve to feel confident and sexy regardless of what’s happening with their bodies,” said Jennifer Moyer, vice president of marketing for Insight Pharmaceuticals, LLC, parent company of MONISTAT®. “In a recent survey we conducted, we found that when women have vaginal yeast infections, they aren’t simply uncomfortable – they actually don’t feel like themselves. A great metaphor for this is a woman’s choice of underwear. If a woman is suffering, she gravitates toward ‘granny panties,’ but when she’s yeast infection-free, she opts for sexier panties. Women should feel confident no matter what. And if there’s one brand that helps women feel great about themselves it’s Hanky Panky, so we’re thrilled to partner with them on this effort.”

Hanky Panky was created with the mindset that women deserve underwear that makes them feel feminine and that not only fits, but also flatters. At the time of the company’s founding in 1977, thongs were thought to be too racy to be sold in stores, and discussing them was borderline taboo. Thirty-five years later, Hanky Panky has amassed a dedicated following of loyalists who swear by the brand for its comfortable yet sexy lingerie – and its signature thongs.

“Every woman deserves to feel sexy, inside and out,” said JD Breen, glam guru for Hanky Panky.” At Hanky Panky, we put our heart and soul into creating cute, flirty underwear for women to enjoy every day, and we’ve been doing it for more than 30 years. It makes sense we’d partner with MONISTAT® since we’re working toward the same goal – empowering women to feel in control, confident and sexy.”

“MONISTAT®’s mission is to help women get back to feeling like themselves – and into their sexy Hanky Panky underwear – by treating vaginal yeast infections efficiently with our over-the-counter products,” Moyer continued. “In fact, MONISTAT® is proven to be just as effective as the leading prescription. We know that yeast infections aren’t pretty, but MONISTAT® can help women feel like themselves again.”

For more information on MONISTAT® or to enter the Sexy Self Panty Giveaway, visit www.monistat.com. To Enter the Sexy Self Panty Giveaway use Promotion code: HANKY.   For more information on Hanky Panky, visit www.hankypanky.com.  

MONISTAT® is the #1 doctor-recommended over-the-counter, vaginal antifungal that cures the infection and relieves the symptoms fast. The Brand offers a portfolio of products, including 1-, 3- and 7-Day treatments, which are available in three forms – ovule, cream and suppository – and are designed to help women confidently address their vaginal health needs on their terms. The active ingredient in MONISTAT® is Miconazole Nitrate. For a complete list of MONISTAT® products, visit www.monistat.com

About INSIGHT Pharmaceuticals:
INSIGHT Pharmaceuticals, LLC is a consumer products company whose strategy is to generate growth by acquiring brands with solid consumer equity that can be further developed through their merchandising and marketing expertise. The company strengthens its portfolio of brands by employing a variety of strategies, all with an in-depth understanding of the heritage of the brand and the needs of the consumer. Additional information about Insight Pharmaceuticals can be found at www.InsightPharma.com.

About Hanky Panky:
Hanky Panky was founded in 1977 when designer Gale Epstein created a hand-made lingerie set for her friend, Lida Orzeck, crafted out of embroidered handkerchiefs. The original designs wowed retailers and industry experts and were the inspiration for the company name, Hanky Panky. Hanky Panky continues to influence trends in lingerie and sleepwear, providing brilliant solutions for fashion and fit issues by remaining dedicated to innovative design, comfort, quality, and US production. For more information, visit www.hankypanky.com.

Source: Insight Pharmaceuticals, LLC

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