Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Admitting Addiction in Private: Expert Provides Advice on Finding Discreet Help for Substance Abuse

The Importance of Discreet Drug Rehab

By Justin Daniels

Privacy and discretion are important considerations when entering drug or alcohol rehab. Substance abuse, while a recognized mental disorder, still carries a social stigma. You don't want the world to know about your personal struggles, and you have a right to privacy.

When you enter a drug rehab center, your only concerns should be healing and recovery. Worrying whether your boss, parents, or business clients know where you are distracts you from your most important task: healing.
Anonymous drug rehab takes away these worries so you can focus on your path to recovery.

Confidentiality and Anonymous Drug Rehab

Privacy is, of course, one of the key benefits of discreet drug rehab. All doctor-client relationships are confidential, and any communication or treatment agreed upon between you and drug rehab staff is also a matter of strict privacy.

Unless you authorize contact, a discreet rehab center refuses to give out any information in response to inquiries. The center will politely explain that their clients are protected by strict confidentiality and staff cannot give information on who is or is not receiving treatment.

Putting Yourself First

Knowing drug rehab staff respect and ensure your privacy allows you to focus entirely on what's important. At Clarity Way, we offer complete confidentiality.

We can arrange for your arrival and departure at our local airport that has a private runway. We can also arrange for a discrete limo ride to and from the airport. For those wanting the maximum amount of privacy, we offer individual rooms for the duration of your stay at our rural and secure treatment center.

After inpatient treatment, privacy remains important. There's a reason most 12-Step programs and support groups are anonymous: your struggle with substance abuse is your concern. You decide who should or should not know about this very personal aspect of your life.

Justin Daniels owned and operated a disaster restoration business, a construction company, a flooring company, a daycare business and other real estate holdings.  His ServiceMaster franchises aided in the restoration at the Pentagon after 9/11, and the hurricanes in Georgia, Louisiana, Texas and Florida.  In spite of all his success, Justin's personal struggles were the catalyst to conceive Clarity Way, a rehab facility, in York, PA, that offers a fresh compassionate, perspective to addiction treatment. His first book, No More Vodka in My Orange Juice, provides insight into his own storied history and shares Clarity Way's mission to help those struggling to find their path to recovery.

No More Vodka in my Orange Juice is now available for purchase in hardback or ebook on and iTunes. 

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