Friday, July 25, 2014

Follow these steps to lose weight

I have lost 45 pounds since February 24 using Unicity's Balance and following some simple guidelines. Here they are:

  1. Follow a 4-4-12 schedule. I drink a protein drink for breakfast and then 4 hours later have
    UNICITY Balance
    Balance and eat lunch. I wait another four hours and drink Balance before eating dinner. Then I fast 12 hours before eating breakfast again.  Research suggests we should eat within an 8-hour window; and never at night.
  2. Don't snack between meals. Balance regulates your glucose and insulin so that you have no spikes and go into fat burning mode an hour after eating.
  3. Eat a low glycemic index diet.  See Dr. Ray Strand's writings on the topic. Great recipes can be found in the many low GI cookbooks.  I also recommend eliminating processed sugar and flour from your diet entirely. 
  4. Drink lots of water. I drink water instead of snacking.  Unicity has an energy drink called Macha that can be stirred into water.
  5. Watch serving sizes. While Balance will give you a full and satisfied feeling, you should learn to measure your serving sizes and not go back for seconds. A plate might be 1/3 protein, 2/3 fruit and vegetables. 
  6. Eat good fats and cook with olive oil, grape oil, coconut oil, etc. Eat raw nuts rather than salted nuts and limit the amount of nuts you eat daily.  They are a great source of good fat but add calories quickly. 
  7. Plan your meals, including one meal a week where you will indulge your food fantasies.  This would be a good meal to eat out at a favorite restaurant. My wife and I always share restaurant meals and begin with Balance. Never take home leftovers. 
  8. Exercise daily for 30 minutes.  Unicityvideos on YouTube has a number of exercise suggestions. 
If you have questions or suggestions, comment below. Eating healthy requires a lifestyle change; it's not a fad diet.

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