Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hip replacement coming together

Day 9

I'm down to 5 meds a day.  I take one at night.  Maybe I would sleep better if I took more meds at night.  Much of my night is spent watching reruns. I was exhausted in the morning and slept on or off fitfully during the day.

I tried to work but couldn't sit more than a few minutes at a time.  I'm not sure how lucid I am.

I can't be far away from my walker.  I can get off and on my bed better than the couch. When I get on my bed, I sit backwards and lift both feet onto the bed.  Before I would have to crawl more leg length onto the bed before bringing over my legs.  I can see progress.

Because I went grocery shopping and tired myself, I only exercised once. I had my son's help.  I'm doing driver exercises recommended by the physical therapist. Then I elevate my legs and ice them.

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