Thursday, September 19, 2013

Begin each day with a smile...KindNotes

We all have received a certain gift that made us smile or meant a lot to us. In giving gifts, we also want to give something that means a lot to the receiver. I think I may have found one of the coolest gifts to give and to receive. I honestly can’t think of anybody that wouldn't love this gift.

I recently was the recipient of KindNotes and was amazed at what a great gift idea this is. KindNotes are jars enclosed with adorable miniature envelopes to be opened by the recipient once a day. Each miniature envelope contains an inspirational or uplifting note intended to bring a smile to the receiver’s face. I was so excited to open an envelope to read what was enclosed each day. I always smiled when I read the enclosed message. At times I found myself reading the message to my husband or children. There are enough notes to last you an entire month. Once all of the notes have been read and the jar is empty, you can then put all the notes back in the jar and enjoy reading the messages again.

What makes this gift even better is that KindNotes has several styles of jars, envelopes, ribbon, and message themes to choose from, which can be mixed and matched in a custom order. Personalized notes are also available where you create your own messages to be printed on each of the 31 notes. (Blank notes are also available if you want to write your messages by hand.)

KindNotes can be given to a loved one far away, to your loved one on your anniversary, to a mother, father, husband, wife or friend on their birthday. They can be given to someone going through a hard time in their life. These also make great gifts for co-workers, employees or that amazing teacher your child has in school. The options are endless.

KindNotes has created a special edition jar in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness month (October) and it’s the perfect and most personal way to reach out to your friends or family with your best words of encouragement. Words are the most powerful tools we have. Use them to make someone’s day with Kind Notes!
I honestly cannot say enough amazing things about KindNotes. KindNotes has been seen on the Today Show, Bobbies Buzz, The Huffington Post, and Women’s World, just to name a few, and featured on several news stations throughout the country.

Here are some of the reviews that customers have left regarding KindNotes:

 "I ordered a KindNotes Jar of Personalized Messages for my mother's birthday this year. I loved the idea of a sweet note and kind saying for her to read each day. Her response to the gift was more than I could have expected the little envelopes were beautifully packaged and placed in the jar and the notes inside touched her deeply! I am greatly pleased with this wonderful gift and recommend it for all your special occasions!" 

I was so excited when I found KindNotes online! My Dad was turning 60 and I wanted to get him something special for his birthday. He journals everyday and has often said You will learn all kinds of things when I am gone. As we talked about the things he had learned during 60 years of his life I thought I would love for my children to have Words of Wisdom from their Grandfather. So, I bought him a jar with blank notes and gave him a note that said write down you thoughts and wisdom to us, the kids as a whole, or individuals to open at a certain point in time (i.e. Graduation). I pray that he is here to celebrate all of those milestones with us and share one-on-one but this was a great way tap in to something he loves anyway, writing. He has enjoyed this gift and I can't wait to read the notes! 

KindNotes has also released a new product line called Keepsake Gift Cards. These gift cards can be used in conjunction with your KindNotes or all on their own. These are not your typical gift cards that you redeem at the store; these are gift cards to be given to somebody and then redeemed for things that mean so much more than something bought at the store. For example, one of the gift cards can be redeemed for one Mother Daughter Day. On the back it then gives the redemption rules. "Redeem this gift card for one mother-daughter day to do anything you want, as long as you enjoy it! Please arrange a date in advance. Can be combined with other offers". These gift cards offer you so much more than your average homemade gift card.
I promise that if you give the gift of KindNotes, Keepsake Gift Cards, or both, that this gift will be something the receiver will always remember.  KindNotes says is perfectly:

“Begin each day with a smile!”

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